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London Guild of Toastmasters
London Guild of Toastmasters

The skill of the Toastmaster is being able to ensure the function runs smoothly, to time and is enjoyable for all present. The Toastmaster is employed at a function to assist the organiser with knowledge on etiquette and procedure, not to take over the organisation of the day.

The London Guild of Toastmasters is an association of Professional Toastmasters and Masters of Ceremonies who officiate at many functions where correct etiquette is required e.g. Royal, Civic, Livery, weddings etc. They have all undertaken a recognised Toastmaster training course and practised their skills for at least two years before being invited to membership of The London Guild of Toastmasters.

The Guild exists to maintain the high standards set by the founders in 1960, to provide continual improvements in their skills and to maintain the etiquette of Society.

Whilst the Guild is based in London the members' home base is widespread and our members are from all parts of the country.

A common saying amongst Toastmasters is "Have Gavel, Will Travel".


The London Guild of Toastmasters was formed in 1960 by Albert L. Johnson, who at the time was the Senior Toastmaster in the country. The Guild was formed to accommodate qualified and experienced Toastmasters to meet together and discuss a wide range of subjects pertinent to the profession. This ultimately led to maintaining a high standard and level at which to operate.


The objectives of the Guild are as follows:

To band together in Fellowship, qualified and experienced Toastmasters.

To promote the highest standard of Toastmaster work and adhere to the rules of etiquette and correct procedure.

To encourage the use of the "Queen's English" in clear voice and diction.

To insist that members are to conduct functions in a dignified manner; be polite, courteous, pleasant and co-operative at all times.

To be of immaculate attire, well groomed and laundered.

To answer queries on procedure submitted by members and to generally assist fellow members to carry out their duties in an efficient and proper manner.

Toastmaster Training

The London Guild of Toastmasters runs Toastmaster training courses for those aspiring candidates to the profession. The courses, in the techniques, qualities and knowledge of Toastmastering, are facilitated by a Toastmaster training professional and enjoy the wealth of experience from Past Presidents.

The training officer is Andy Bignold, who can be contacted on 020 8549 6586, mobile 07950 022400 or by e-mail at:



In order to promote and maintain the highest standards in the profession, full membership of The London Guild of Toastmasters, a fraternity founded in 1960 for qualified Toastmasters, is by selection and invitation only.


To qualify for that selection process, aspiring members are expected to:-

Undergo two successful viewings, by Past Presidents of the Guild, at different functions.

Complete a questionnaire unaided.

Attend a selection panel of the Guild's management committee.


The benefits of membership include:-

Attendance at regular meetings of the Guild and consequently interaction with other Toastmasters.

Inclusion on the Guild's website.

Inclusion on the Guild's appointments diary and, as a result, possible offers of engagements.

Loan of a copy of the Guild's comprehensive guide.

Loan of a Guild blue collarette and enamelled badge for use at engagements.

Use of the Guild's crest and the designation 'Member of The London Guild of Toastmasters' [M.G.T. (London)] on business stationery etc.

Invitation to the Guild's social functions.

Insurance cover for public liability.

Receipt of the Guild's newsletter.

Further development opportunities.



A person who successfully completes a Toastmaster training course / seminar sponsored by the Guild and who has been invited to apply to be an 'Associate of the Guild' after having shadowed member(s) of the Guild on at least four occasions to gain experience and provided satisfactory character references.

The trainee is expected to apply for 'Associate' after not less than six months nor more than twelve months from the date the offer to Associate is received. Once the application is received by the Guild, the Management Committee will review everything presented before making a decision as to whether to proceed or not. If a decision to proceed is made then the Guild will arrange to view the candidate whilst working at a function. If this viewing is successful they will be made an offer of 'Associate of the Guild'


The benefits of association are:-

Allocation of a Mentor to help where possible and assist the Associate to develop the necessary experience, and attain the standards required for full membership.

Attendance at regular meetings of the Guild and consequently interaction with other Toastmasters.

Use of the designation 'Associate of the London Guild of Toastmasters' on business stationery.

Invitation to the Guild's social functions.

Receipt of the Guild's newsletter.


For further particulars about membership, please contact the Guild's Honorary Secretary - Stephen Hall.

Public Relations

The Guild seeks through its website and members' information to promote the use of qualified Toastmasters for all formal functions. Promotion of the Guild is usually with the 'Trade', i.e. catering businesses etc., where those who have the main requirement to use Toastmasters are based. Each member of the Guild will promote him/herself at Wedding Fairs and other sales type promotions.